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logoIt’s been interesting getting to write in this space again.

Good interesting.

Nervous interesting.

But certainly, very interesting.

PatriotsBaseball.com was where I got my start all the way back in 2003, back when it was Scott Stanchak’s brainchild, and a chance meeting in a college class sparked a career that I never thought could ever even be a possibility.

It was a place where I had an outlet to learn how to do this on the fly, a place where I was able to experience all of the good and all of the bad of being that young and having no real true formal training on how to actually do all of it.  I certainly didn’t lead the league in feel for my first year, or any of the subsequent next few that followed, but over time, my work continued as someone who just contributed a few photos — on one those big, bulky Sony digital cameras that used floppy disks as storage…yes, I’m *that* old — and conducted “Ten Questions” style interviews with players, who were extremely gracious to even sit down with me in the first place.

PatriotsBaseball.com eventually helped lead to the creation — again, Scott’s, not mine — of AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com, which helped open an entirely new set of doors for coverage.

It is no exaggeration to say that those initial years of getting to do this not only altered the course of my life forever, it saved it.  But that’s a different conversation for a different time.

What is relevant to my return here is the course of the PatriotsBaseball.com site itself since I ended up moving on from it way back when.  Somerset ended up buying the domain, and used it as a place for press releases, game notes and so on for a long time.

That time has come to an end.

PatriotsBaseball.com is mine now, and my time here is getting started.  Re-started.  And I couldn’t be happier about it.

When I finally put the news out that my services were no longer required by my previous employer, there were, thankfully, no shortage of options for things I could do going forward.  But, Somerset was where I wanted to be this season.  It’s where I’ve wanted to be for a while now, it’s where my wife and I have made a home; I can walk to the ballpark from where we live, and I can assure you you’ll hear me make the same tired joke that it’s how I stay so (mostly) skinny at least ten times over the course of the season.

This is where I want to be.  This is where I told Steve Kalafer I want to be.  This is where Steve Kalafer stepped up to make sure I would be for this season.

So I’m here.

My goal is to get PatriotsBaseball.com back to what it was, which was the absolute, bar-none, first place to go when you were looking for news on the team.  As I’ve said in other media appearances, I’m very motivated to make that a reality after the way the past few months have unfolded for me.

Very motivated.



But, here’s the thing, folks.  It’s going to take a little time.  As much as I want for it to be your one-stop shop for Somerset coverage right off the bat, that isn’t going to be the case.  It just isn’t reality.  Whereas I felt like I knew the Atlantic League mostly inside and out and was very confident in my coverage there, learning the Yankees system and everything going on with opposing teams and who their top prospects are is going to require a steep learning curve.

I’ll get there.  I promise you I’ll get there.  I promise I’ll take the time to put in the work to get there.  But all I ask for right off the bat is for a little patience as I get up to speed with those who’ve been covering the Yankees farm system for years now, while I’ve been out of it ever since leaving my split role of covering both Trenton and Somerset to focus on just the Patriots since July of 2013.

I’m very grateful for everyone’s support in this new venture.

Very grateful.


V-E-R-Y.  🙂

I’m still looking for additional sponsors, which was always the plan after site launch, and with the demand for coverage of the team in their first year as a Double-A affiliate of the New York Yankees, can assure you that the amount of exposure your business or services would get would be well worth a relatively small investment.  The trade-off?  That exposure helps you, and that financial backing helps me travel on the road to cover the team, which is a critical element of quickly getting acclimated to an entirely new set of challenges in covering this team this season.  Win-win.

I can always be contacted at mashmore98 AT gmail, and not just for any business inquiries, but also for any questions you may have about players or anything else baseball-related throughout the season.  Make sure you follow along on Twitter as well at @mashmore98 for the fastest, most up-to-date information.

Thanks to all of you for checking out PatriotsBaseball.com, and I’ll see you at the ballpark on May 4.


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