Game 3: Somerset Patriots Pre-Game Notes


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Curtis4:05 PM — Not a whole heck of a lot going on here, and I do want to explain that bit going forward on why pre-game notes often times won’t be much more than lineups.

Even Zoom access is a bit limited these days, and while there is post-game Zoom access every day, that won’t be the case for pre-game, as the current plan is for that to occur two days per homestand.

That isn’t, to be *very* clear a swipe or a chirp at anyone, that’s just an explanation of the current reality we’re all in without access to the clubhouse for the foreseeable future.

We’re all doing the best with what we’ve got here — to quote old friend Tony Franklin, what we have is enough — and I’ll do my best to keep you informed as best I can under current circumstances.

4:10 PM — Somerset’s lineup is as follows…

CF, Estevan Florial
2B, Oswaldo Cabrera
SS, Hoy Jun Park
DH, Donny Sands
3B, Diego Castillo
1B, Dermis Garcia
C, Jason Lopez
LF, Isiah Gilliam
RF, Zack Zehner

P, Matt Krook

This’ll be the first game action of the season for Lopez and Zehner, and Gilliam’s first game in the field after serving as the DH on Opening Day.  Among active position players, only Matt Pita has yet to play.

5:15 PM — Harrisburg lineup…

  1. Cole Freeman – DH
  2. Jackson Cluff – SS
  3. Jakson Reetz – C
  4. KJ Harrison – 1B
  5. Drew Mendoza – 3B
  6. Nick Banks – LF
  7. Rhett Wiseman – RF
  8. Osvaldo Duarte – 2B
  9. Cody Wilson – CF

Starting Pitcher: LHP Carson Teel


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