Game 5: Somerset Patriots Pre-Game Notes


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Garcia (1)4:10 PM — So, it’s raining here.

This seems suboptimal for playing sportball this evening, but it appears as though water will stop falling from the sky in time for the sporting contest to commence at its regularly scheduled time.

In normal terms, we’re playing tonight, folks.

Anyway, there were a few things I wanted to get to off of last night that I couldn’t with how brief the post-game notes were.

First, Dermis Garcia finally got in the hit column at the Double-A level, snapping a tough stretch to start out his tenure here with a hard single through the left side to lead off the eighth inning.

Not sure enough has been made out of Thomas Milone’s start as well.  He leads the team with a 1.747 OPS, and was one of *five* Patriots to rack up a multi-hit game in last night’s mauling of Harrisburg.

Pitching-wise, J.P. Sears was the last bullpen arm yet to debut for the team, and he got into last night’s game in relief of starter Janson Junk.  But it was Stephen Ridings who, again, caught the eye of scouts with a fastball that, according to one, touched 101 MPH.

5:00 PM — Somerset lineup…

CF Florial
DH Cabrera
3B Castillo
SS Park
1B Garcia
LF Milone
C Lopez
RF Gilliam
2B Pita

P Otto

Glenn Otto and Matt Pita are the last two players on the roster who had yet to get into a game, and both are set to debut in two hours…

5:35 PM — Harrisburg’s…

Cluff SS
Banks LF
Corredor DH
Sagdal 3B
Mendoza 1B
Dunlap C
Wiseman LF
Duarte 2B
Wilson CF

Reyes P


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