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First off, let’s talk about how cool it is that you can *even be* the Somerset Patriots in MLB The Show, which, for those who don’t know, is a popular baseball video game across that’s available on the Playstation and XBOX platforms in both current and next gen.

It’s pretty damn cool.

That it was one of the first things a lot of people even brought up when this affiliation news dropped late last year should tell you how anticipated it was.

While being able to use a big league affiliate’s minor league clubs has been a part of the game in various modes for years — including the very popular “Road To The Show” option, in which you can put yourself or another very positive created player on the team if you so choose — the addition of some actual, non-40-man roster minor league players into the game is a relatively recent development, which makes it hard to nitpick on some of the details on those who did get included this year.

Not impossible, of course.

The current in-game Patriots roster is far from accurate, with Max McDowell, Luis Gil, Shawn Semple*, Matt Krook, Greg Weissert, Donny Sands, Max Burt, Michael Beltre, Brandon Wagner and Thomas Milone being the current members of the team who are available for play.  Hoy Park defaults onto Scranton’s roster, where you can also find Estevan Florial.  Zack Zehner remains on Somerset in the game.

None of the latter is particularly a big deal, though, as you’re free to move players up and down as you please.

But how do the player ratings look?  Perhaps more interesting, how do the players look themselves in the game?


Max McDowell — Rating: 65 Likeness: 1/10 (Maybe he grew a beard?)

Matt Krook — Rating: 58 Likeness: 0/10 (Nope.)

Greg Weissert — Rating: 58 Likeness: 4/10 (Really not too bad)

Donny Sands — Rating: 57 Likeness: 2/10 (Not the greatest, and he defaults as a third baseman in the lineup.)

Michael Beltre — Rating: 56 Likeness: 6/10 (This might be the best one yet…)

Brandon Wagner — Rating: 61 Likeness: 0/10 (Absolutely not, nope.)

Max Burt — Rating: 50 Likeness: 4/10 (Not terrible.)

Thomas Milone — Rating: 60 Likeness: -1000/10 (There’s no way they looked at an image of Milone in making his player model.  None.)

Luis Gil — Rating: 64 Likeness: 2/10 (Needs the giant necklace and the arm tattoos, among other things…I actually expected this one to be better with how good fellow 40-man player Estevan Florial’s is)

Shawn Semple — Rating: 55 Likeness: **/10 (Semple was on the roster when I opened the game up, then I couldn’t find him once I went to do this…but I’m sure he doesn’t look like he’s supposed to)


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