Game 14: Somerset Patriots Pre-Game Notes


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5:35 PM — Late start to pre-game notes today, was down by the field getting a lot of content for some stuff you’ll see later…

Real quick, before whenever lineups are posted, both Diego Castillo and Jason Lopez are on this trip, and both would be eligible to come off the DL on Sunday, as they were both retroactively posted on it on 5/16. Castillo was a little more active than Lopez during pre-game work, but neither took batting practice as far as I could notice.

5:45 PM — Somerset lineup…

SS Cabrera
RF Beltre
C Sands
1B Garcia
DH Gilliam
3B Burt
2B Dunn
LF Pita
CF Alexander

P Junk

5:55 PM — Hartford lineup…

McLaughlin, 2B
Bouchard, 1B
Hannah, CF
Montero, 3B
Montes, SS
Snyder, DH
Czienge, RF
George, C
Hearn, LF

Duncan, P


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