Game 15: Somerset Patriots Pre-Game Notes


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4:00 PM — As you can imagine at this hour, there isn’t much to tell you.

I can tell you, however, that both Jason Lopez and Diego Castillo are on the field right now with a member of the training staff as both work to get back off of the 7-Day DL; both were retroactively placed on as of 5/16, and would be eligible to come off for the series finale here on Sunday.

Road access being what it currently is — so, you know, bad — there’s still no official word on the nature of either player’s injury, but we will have some availability tomorrow, and I plan on asking a bunch of stuff then to try to keep everyone informed.

6:40 PM — Bit behind tonight, but…lineups.


Cabrera 2B
Beltre CF
Sands DH
Garcia 1B
Pita LF
Burt SS
Dunn 3B
McDowell C
Palensky RF

Otto P


Hannah CF
Bouchard 3B
Montero 1B
Czinege DH
Montes SS
McLaughlin 2B
Melendez RF
Guevara C
Hearn LF

Dennis P


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