Game 16: Somerset Patriots Pre-Game Notes


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4:50 PM — I’m a little late getting to the field after Somerset’s Zoom availability today — yes, even though I’m on the road with the team, my access isn’t any different than anyone else’s — but there truthfully isn’t much to tell you besides any of the info that came out of said Zoom, which I’ll have for you in a little bit.

I’ll update this with lineups and so on when I can.

5:45 PM — Somerset lineup…

2B Cabrera
RF Beltre
C Sands
3B Garcia
LF Gilliam
DH Palensky
1B Burt
CF Alexander

P Gil

6:00 PM — Hartford lineup…

McLaughlin 3B
Melendez RF
Montero 1B
Czinege DH
Montes 2B
Herron CF
Snyder SS
George C
Hearn LF

Kauffmann P


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