Game 18: Somerset Patriots Pre-Game Notes


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11:35 AM — Third time’s a charm?  Reports out of New York have once again surfaced that Zack Britton is slated for a rehab assignment with the Somerset Patriots.  I think I’ve reached the “believe it when I see it” phase with this after the first two scheduled rehabs fell through — and, having done this in years past, they often do — so let’s write this one up a little further once something’s confirmed.

Also…neither Jason Lopez or Diego Castillo have been activated off the 7-Day DL at the beginning of the window for either of them to be brought back.  I’d anticipate at least Castillo coming back a few days into this upcoming homestand, making it more of a ten-day or so stay on the shelf.

Speaking of which, Donny Sands is out of the Somerset lineup for the second straight day…he was struck in the hand by a pitch on Friday, but remained in the game.  No idea if this is related.


Cabrera SS
Beltre CF
Garcia DH
Dunn 3B
Gilliam LF
McDowell C
Burt 1B
Pita 2B
Alexander RF

Krook P


McLaughlin 2B
Hannah CF
Montero 3B
Montes DH
Snyder SS
Abreu RF
Czinege 1B
Herron LF
Jones C

Gaddis P


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