Patriots Confirm Yankees All-Star Reliever Britton Set To Start Rehab In Somerset On Saturday


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Looks like this might actually be happening this time around.

Via their social media accounts, Somerset has confirmed that Yankees reliever Zack Britton is set to begin a major-league rehab assignment that will begin on Saturday and extend through next week.  The 33-year-old hasn’t pitched since spring training, when he was shut down to undergo mid-March surgery to remove a bone chip from his left throwing elbow.

According to this Daily News story, it sounds as though his Patriots teammates will certainly benefit not only from his knowledge, but his generosity as well.

“I’m going to be in Somerset for quite a bit, so they’ll probably get tired of me down there,” Britton said of his stop with the Yankees’ Double-A affiliate in New Jersey. “I’ll make sure I take care of those guys. I know when I was in the minors and a major league player came down you always appreciated those guys even if it was just lunch or dinner or something like that.”

It’ll be Somerset’s first rehab as a Yankees affiliate, and it’s got many folks in the organization excited, including pitching coach Daniel Moskos, who was asked about what his role will be like in working with Britton.

“Just guide him along his way,” Moskos said.  “Zack’s been playing a long time, he’s made tons of appearances.  There’s not really much I can do on my end to help him out here, it’s mainly just finding his routine, helping him in what he wants to do, how he wants to get his work in and how he likes to work.  I’ll get some directives from the organization on what I need to do to manage his workload and pitch count and make sure he’s ready to pitch, but that’s all coming from up top.  I’m just here to guide him through the process to hopefully get him up in New York and suited up in pinstripes sooner rather than later.”


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