Game 25: Somerset Patriots Pre-Game Notes


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6:15 PM — It seems as though the plan will be for Zack Britton to throw two innings tonight. ┬áHe is not expected to be made available to the media after his outing.

4:00 PM — Lineups for both teams are here…


Brito, 2B
Stott, SS
Bonifacio, RF
Matera, C
Tatum, 3B
Fitch, DH
Miller, 1B
Stephen, LF
Guthrie, CF

Lehman, P


Beltre, CF
Castillo, SS
Sands, C
Garcia, 1B
Lopez, DH
Gilliam, RF
Dunn, 2B
Pita, LF
Burt, 3B

Britton, P


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