Game 26: Somerset Patriots Pre-Game Notes


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4:45 PM — As I wasn’t able to do much with post-game notes the other night, I wanted to share some more comments from then as we get ready for first pitch here…

Julio Mosquera on the resiliency of his ballclub this season, especially after coming all the way back from down 4-0 on Wednesday…

“I’ve said it all along, this team always plays to the last minute, to the last out. We went out there and competed; we fell behind early, but it’s something that I even told a couple of my coaches, I still felt like we were going to win this game down 4-0. The players are so resilient and they’re going to go out there and compete. You saw what happened.”

Mosquera on reliever Carlos Espinal, who threw two scoreless to keep Somerset in it…

“He was pitching as a piggybacker, every six or seven days sometimes, and it was tough. Right now, he’s on a shorter (period between outings) and I think that’s something that he’s done for a long time. The ‘Espi’ that you saw today, that’s the ‘Espi’ that you’re going to see a lot. He’s got tremendous stuff. His changeup is unbelievable, he’s got a big-league curveball and his fastball plays. The more often he pitches the better he gets.”

3:05 PM — With yesterday’s rainout, lineups for both teams are in early…


Beltre CF
Castillo SS
Sands DH
Garcia 3B
Lopez C
Gilliam RF
Pita 2B
Burt 1B
Palensky LF

Gil P


Brito 2B
Stott SS
Bonifacio DH
Matera C
Stokes LF
Stephen RF
Gamboa CF
Miller 1B
Guthrie 3B

McArthur P


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