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I don’t feel like I delivered for everyone this year.

As you likely know by now, this was my 19th season of covering Somerset — yes, it’s hard to believe I started all the way back in 2003 — and this was probably the most challenging one yet, given the unprecedented transition from independent baseball team to Double-A affiliate of the New York Yankees.

I was very ambitious with what I was hoping I’d be able to do this season, and it became pretty apparent early on that the world just wasn’t going to allow a lot of that to happen just yet.

So, between that and how much I was able to be around this year, and really wasn’t what I expected it to be for 2021.  I think it can be in 2022, but I’m also as uncertain as I’ve ever been of my plans moving forward in covering the team.  I will forever be grateful for having an opportunity to come back this season after everything unfolded the way it did with my prior employer as late in the off-season as that all went down.

There is no wondering what it would be like to cover the team as a Yankees affiliate.  I know now.  I’d be much better prepared to handle the still-new challenges that would be coming my way, and I think coverage could get back to what it was back in the Atlantic League days.

But, we shall see.  Stay tuned on here and social media for what my 2022 plans may hold.

In the meantime, thank you for continuing to support my coverage of the team, especially this year.  This was a big transition for a lot of you as well, and I appreciate you sticking with me as we went through it all together.

I can’t thank Marc Russinoff with the Patriots enough for his help in making this all a possibility this year, as well as his tireless efforts to secure as much access as he could for us.  The entire Somerset organization is first-class, including Patrick McVerry, who graciously helped get this thing off the ground once again, and while the circumstances of it were obviously awful, I’m glad a much-wider audience got to see that for themselves after the way the franchise collectively carried itself after Hurricane Ida.

Speaking of trying circumstances, I’m also grateful to the coaching staff and players for making time for us this season, largely through Zoom, as we all still tried to tell their stories to varying degrees of success.

Thank you for letting me a part of your 2021 season, and let’s see what the future holds together.

– Ashmore –


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